HubSpot Reporting Certification Exam Answers 2023

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Exam Name: HubSpot Reporting Certification

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Number of Questions: 110

  1. True or false? The majority of people are willing to continue communications with a brand, even if they receive irrelevant promotions.True
  2. Fill in the blanks: Tail winds are to ________ : as headwinds are to _________.
  3. Fill in the blank: SWOT analysis is ________
  4. What happens during operational planning?
  5. What happens during strategic planning?
  6. How do effective goals differ from efficient goals?
  7. When using pyramid goals, it’s important to have omissions because they:
  8. Fill in the blank: Data literacy is the ability to __________.
  9. Fill in the blank: Integrations are ___________.
  10. What are APIs?
  11. Fill in the blank: An iPaaS solution is a __________.
  12. What are the best ways to find out more about APIs and their potential use cases? Select all that apply.
  13. What are the two factors you must consider when having a developer build a custom integration? Select all that apply.
  14. What is the HubSpot App Marketplace?
  15. What is the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program?
  16. On average, how many apps do mid-sized businesses use?
  17. Fill in the blank: Objects are _____________.
  18. Scenario: You’ve been tasked with debriefing your marketing team on the results of the latest advertising campaign. Your primary goals were to generate new leads and customers for the business. What reporting tools would best help you find the information you’re looking for? Select all that apply.
  19. Which HubSpot reporting tools would help you best analyze the performance of your HubSpot pages and blog posts over time?
  20. What are the long-term effects of bad data? Select all that apply.
  21. Fill in the blank: Data cleansing is the process__________.
  22. What is data visualization?
  23. True or false? When presenting your data on a bar chart, it’s effective to alter your axes so your audience only needs to see the necessary information.
  24. What are the disadvantages to using pie charts? Select all that apply.
  25. Which tools are NOT part of the HubSpot reporting suite?
  26. Fill in the blank: The purpose of the HubSpot analytics tools is to: ___________.
  27. Fill in the blank: The silo mentality is ___________.
  28. Fill in the blank: A data silo is when a group of raw data is __________.
  29. How can managers prevent silos from occurring at an organization?
  30. What negative impact(s) can silos have on your organization? How can silos negatively impact your organization? Select all that apply.
  31. Which of the following is NOT a step when running a marketing experiment?
  32. What do sessions track?
  33. What type of data do analytics platforms like HubSpot log where visitors are coming from?
  34. Fill in the blank: UTM parameters _____________.
  35. Fill in the blank: Exit rate shows the percentage of sessions _________.
  36. If a contact has the original source of referrals in HubSpot, that means the contact first accessed your site from:
  37. When a contact has an original source of “other campaigns” in HubSpot, that means the contact first accessed your site through:
  38. Fill in the blank: A service level agreement (SLA) is an agreement between __________.
  39. Which of the following topics are beneficial to review at a smarketing meeting? Select all that apply.
  40. When would you use a contact create attribution report?
  41. What happens in the engage stage of the inbound methodology?
  42. Which of the following are examples of revenue metrics? Select all that apply.
  43. Why are leading indicators considered “manageable” metrics?
  44. If 90–100% of your salespeople are hitting quota, you should look into your metrics. Which of the following may be a reason for such high quota results?
  45. Which of the following behaviors from sales reps could lead to steep drop-offs between deal stages? Select all that apply.
  46. What happens in the delight stage of the inbound methodology?
  47. Customer satisfaction surveys in HubSpot track which customer sentiment metric?
  48. Customer support surveys in HubSpot track which customer sentiment metric?
  49. Which customer sentiment metric is the strongest predictor of future purchase behavior?
  50. Which of the following are steps you can take to start to align your customer service and marketing teams? Select all that apply.
  51. If you still don’t know the type of information your team or stakeholders value, what should you do?
  52. When would you build a dashboard with the Z-shaped reading pattern in mind?
  53. True or false? When designing dashboards, you should design them using a visual hierarchy.
  54. What are blink tests used for?
  55. Good stories share which five characteristics?
  56. True or false? Correlation does not equal causation.
  57. Fill in the blank: If a person already has their mind made up and they are only paying attention to the data that supports this decision, this is an example of __________ bias.
  58. Which of the following are some best practices to consider when writing your data story? Select all that apply.
  59. What are some common pitfalls with presenting data in a slide deck? Select all that apply.
  60. The Golden Circle is a framework invented by Simon Sinek that helps organizations:
  61. Why is having a strong sense of purpose important for a business? Select all that apply.
  62. SMART goals are:
  63. What are KPIs?
  64. What is a tech stack?
  65. What are the benefits of running regular tech stack audits? Select all that apply.
  66. Fill in the blank: Events ___________.
  67. Clean data is ____________. (Select all that apply)
  68. When you need to see small or incremental changes in your data over time, what is the best chart to use?
  69. What is reporting?
  70. What is another name for negative feedback loops?
  71. Fill in the blank: A positive feedback loop describes the process of __________.
  72. What does your business do in the attract stage of the inbound methodology?
  73. A/B testing is available in which HubSpot tools? Select all that apply.
  74. True or false? You can test both large and small elements in your marketing with A/B testing.
  75. Fill in the blank: HubSpot counts a page view every time:___________.
  76. What data do entrances show?
  77. If a contact has the original source of “offline sources” in HubSpot, that means the contact was first added to your database through:
  78. What is sales enablement?
  79. Fill in the blank: The purpose of smarketing meeting is to ___________.
  80. What is the purpose of a multi-touch revenue attribution report in HubSpot?
  81. Which of the following is an example of a lagging indicator?
  82. Which of the following is an example of a leading indicator?
  83. What is a cadence?
  84. Fill in the blank: The cognitive load theory states that __________.
  85. When would you build a dashboard with the F-shaped reading pattern in mind?
  86. True or false? When designing a dashboard, you need to put all your data in one place, so you can see each nugget of information you’ve uncovered.
  87. What is backwards planning?
  88. What is the curse of knowledge bias?
  89. Which of the following are elements you can add to your presentation to make your data story more relatable? Select all that apply.
  90. What is the purpose of visualizations when telling a story with data? Select all that apply.
  91. What are the advantages to native integrations? Select all that apply.
  92. Fill in the blank: The purpose of the HubSpot reports library is to help you: ___________.
  93. Fill in the blank: The purpose of funnel reports is to analyze:___________.
  94. Fill in the blank: Growth hacking is the process of __________.
  95. Fill in the blanks: You can analyze the performance of ____, ____, and ____ in the Sales Content Analytics.
  96. True or false? The create date property on your deal records in HubSpot is auto-populated for you.
  97. Customer loyalty surveys in HubSpot track which customer sentiment metric?
  98. How do you calculate customer lifetime value?
  99. How is dashboard building like gold panning?
  100. Fill in the blank: ______ enables companies to identify new business opportunities, predict future trends, and optimize current operational efforts.
  101. Fill in the blank: Competitive intelligence is ________.
  102. Fill in the blank: When making data-driven decisions, objectives are statements ________.
  103. True or false? It is possible for non-SaaS companies to track renewal rate.
  104. Which of the following are inputs you could use for your customer health score? Select all that apply.
  105. True or False? Word-of-mouth is not a good channel for small to medium-sized businesses to invest in.
  106. True or false? HubSpot invented the flywheel.
  107. In an A/B test, what are you testing?
  108. What role does the hero play in your storytelling with data?
  109. Fill in the blank: If you create a psychologically-safe working environment at your organization, team members are more likely to __________.
  110. Proving a case with data consists of which of the following parts? Select all that apply.