Imagine while planning your yearly budget, your CEO asks you, “We have many people asking for funding. Why should we invest in continuous improvement? Can’t we just stop at the launch pad website?” What is the best response?

  • “The continuous improvement of our website is an investment in driving even more value to our users and better results for the company. In a 2017 web design agency survey, it was found that running GDD resulted in 16.9% more leads and 11.2% more revenue six months after launch!”
  • “Investing in continuous improvement ensures that the website will always look beautiful and position us well against competitors when leads are doing research.”
  • “The continuous improvement of our website is important because the company is always launching new products and soon the website will be out of date. If we have budget to keep the existing content up to date, both customers and sales reps will be happy.”
  • “Continuous improvement is important to keep the website up to date and avoid our site being hacked. However, our team doesn’t have to manage it. We could hire an intern to manage the website and instead invest in other marketing activities.”

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