Imagine your boss asks you, “Why is it important that we launch the launch pad website quickly?” Which of the following statements is the best response?

  • “Two reasons. First, the faster we launch, the less risky assumptions are made. Once it’s live, we can start collecting data to inform our decisions. And second, the faster we launch, the sooner we’ll start seeing a return on our investment. Remember, we’ll continue to build and optimize the site after it’s live.”
  • “The primary reason we need to launch quickly is to allow our team to shift focus from the website to other marketing activities. It’s common to spend too much time on the website and forget about everything else.”
  • “Since we’re an enterprise website with lots of content that can’t be cut, we’re not able to build a launch pad website. Instead, it’s better to follow traditional web design and then run optimization after.”
  • “Launch pad websites are not compatible with our ecommerce website. It’s impossible for us to cut down the number of products we sell. Therefore, we should do traditional web design with optimization after.”

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